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Senior Learners, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, provides educational opportunities to seniors aged 50 and over. Our courses cover a broad range of academic interests, including Health, Science & Technology, The Arts, History, and Languages. Since the pandemic, most courses are delivered online; however, a few are now offered as hybrid or classroom-only formats. The classroom courses are held in Room 107, Building 20, College of Central Florida.

If you would like to participate in a Senior Learners course, you must register and pay for the class. Click the name of the class in the list below to get a description, register, and pay. If there are not enough registrations for the in-person classes, they will be converted to online and those affected will be notified. We recommend that all Senior Learners students, whether vaccinated or not, wear masks while in the classroom.

Once your payment is received you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for connecting to the online class. Payments can be made online or by check.  If paying by check, download a registration form and send it and your check to Senior Learners, Inc., 3001 SW College Rd, PMB No. 210, Ocala FL 34474-4415.

If you have any questions or do not get the link to join the online class, please contact or call (352) 239–8780.

Senior Learners Courses for 2023-Fall Term

Title Starts On Weeks At Hours Fee Instructor
For Love of Film: From Book to Film Mon8/2841:003 $20.00Smith
The Secret Life of Words Part 1 Tue8/29510:301.5 $18.75Howard
The Humans Before Homo Sapiens Thu8/3151:302 $25.00Holloran
Sleep Science Fri9/1610:301.5 $22.50Putzeys
Watercolor In Nature Wed9/661:302 $30.00Craggs
Prelude to the Civil War Thu9/7510:301.5 $18.75Reilly
Banned Books: What is Real and What is Hype Mon9/11310:301.5 $11.25Kelly
Artificial Intelligence - Pros and Cons Wed9/13410:301.5 $15.00Stephens
Classic Book Discussion: The Great Gatsby Fri9/1511:302 $5.00Hull
Sept board meeting Fri9/2211:301.5 FREEPealer
Lets Talk About Books Tue9/2611:301.5 $3.75Berra
Unknown: Cave of Bones Fri9/2911:302 FREEHolloran
Documentary Film: From the Earth to the Moon Mon10/261:003 $30.00Hautanen
Slavery in the American Experience Mon10/2210:301.5 $7.50Coyne
What Life Was Like for Early Homo Sapiens Thu10/551:302 $25.00Holloran
Greeks Rule Egypt Fri10/641:301.5 $15.00Sutton
Slavery in Florida and Marion County Tue10/10110:301.5 $3.75Coyne
Classic Book Discussion: To Kill a Mockingbird Tue10/1011:302 $5.00Hull
China: from Mao to Today I Wed10/11410:301.5 $15.00Kelly
Medicare Prescription Drug Guide Thu10/12110:301.5 FREEYoung
Chair Yoga - Fall Fri10/13610:001.5 $22.50Vasquez
Calling the Wild: Alaska and the Yukon Mon10/16110:301.5 $3.75Kelly
Understanding Dementia Care Tue10/17110:301.5 $3.75 LeBlanc
Birding 101 Tue10/1731:301.5 $11.25Sutton
Understanding Advance Directives, Hospice Criteria, DNRs and Full Code Status Wed10/1811:301.5 $3.75Lossada
Economic History: Pre-Industrial Revolution Thu10/19510:301.5 $18.75Reilly
Voyage up the Hudson River: Meet the Headless Horseman Mon10/23110:301.5 $3.75Kelly
Gospels: How scholars read the Bible Tue10/24310:301.5 $11.25Seaman
Science Surprises Fall II Wed10/2511:301.5 $3.75Pealer
SHINE and SMP Counseling Fri10/27110:002 FREEYoung
Understanding Dark Side of Human Nature Part 2 Mon10/30610:301.5 $22.50Bunker
ChatGPT and Google Bard: An Introduction Wed11/111:302 $5.00Reilly
Birding Movie Tue11/711:003 $5.00Sutton
Classic Book Discussion: Jane Eyre Wed11/811:302 $5.00Hull
China: from Mao to Today II Wed11/8510:301.5 $15.00Kelly
Admiral Rickover and the Advent of Nuclear Power Thu11/941:302 $20.00Holloran
For Love of Film: Family Mon11/1341:003 $20.00Smith
The Life History of Stars Tue11/1441:301.5 $15.00Cheney
When Black Soldiers Raided Marion County – The Untold Story of the Daring Marshall Plantation Raid Tue11/14110:301.5 $3.75Seaman
Tales from the Viennese Woods, Part I: The Music of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and the Mannheim School Fri11/1741:302 $20.00Satterfield
Thanksgiving Dinner Thu11/2311:003 FREEKelly
SHINE and SMP Counseling Tue11/28110:002 FREEYoung
Science Surprises Fall III Wed11/2911:301.5 $3.75Pealer
Chemistry and the Liberal Arts Thu11/30310:002 $15.00Reilly
The Struggle for Equality in the American Experience Wed12/611:301.5 $3.75Coyne
The Struggle to Keep America White Wed12/13110:301.5 $3.75Coyne
Classic Book Discussion: Romances of the Gun Wed12/1311:302 $5.00Hull
Holiday Party - Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus Thu12/1411:302 $5.00Hautanen