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For the past six years, Senior Learners, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization run by volunteers, has provided educational opportunities to seniors 50 years old or more. Before the current pandemic, we offered our noncredit, college-level courses in a classroom at the Ocala Campus of the College of Central Florida. Until the pandemic is tamed, we have shifted to online courses covering a broad range of academic interests, including Health, Science & Technology, The Arts, History, and Languages. Our outstanding instructors come from a wide range of backgrounds and include current and retired artists, musicians, teachers, professors, doctors, engineers, and scientists. Learn about our instructors.

Online Classes for Spring Term 2021

Note to students who pay by check during the holidays. You will be registered, but we will not receive your check until the campus reopens on January 5, 2021.

More courses are being added to the list, so bookmark our updates page and check back frequently.

To participate in online classes, you must register – click on the name of the class in the list below to get a description and sign up. Details for connecting to the online class will be in your registration confirmation email so be sure to register early. If you have any questions, or do not get the link to join your Zoom class, send an email to or call (352) 239–8780. If you prefer to pay by check, send your check, payable to Senior Learners, to Senior Learners, Inc., 3001 SW College Rd, PMB No. 210, Ocala FL 34474-4415.

Notice:The CF Post Office will be closed from March 15 - March 19, 2021.

Title Starts On Weeks At Hours Fee Instructor
Great Decisions 2021 - 1 Wed1/20410:301.5 $15.00Coffey
Death, Dying, & the Afterlife 2 Tue2/2410:001.5 $15.00Bunker
Learning Without Limits: Musicians and Artists Who Overcame... Fri2/541:302 $20.00Satterfield
How Digital Technology Shapes Us I Mon2/8610:301 $15.00Putzeys
Science of Energy-Resources and Power Explained 1 Tue2/1641:301.5 $15.00Crawford
Modern Times - 2021 Wed2/1742:001.5 $15.00Stephens
Great Decisions 2021 - 2 Wed2/17410:301.5 $15.00Coffey
Leonardo da Vinci and the Italian High Renaissance 4 Thu2/1841:301.5 $15.00Howard
Science Biographies - Stephen Hawking - His Life and Physics Fri2/19210:301.5 $7.50Holloran
Cooking with Vegetables Thu2/25310:002 $15.00Patterson
For Love of Film: Potpourri Mon3/131:001 $7.50Smith
Death, Dying, & the Afterlife 3 Tue3/2410:001.5 $15.00Bunker
The Great American Read: To Kill a Mockingbird Fri3/511:301.5 $3.75Sullivan
The Science of Information 1 - Its Beginnings Fri3/5710:301.5 $22.50Holloran
In Search of Pablo Picasso Fri3/1211:301 $2.50Kelly
Science of Energy-Resources and Power Explained 2 Tue3/2341:301.5 $15.00Crawford
Tech Topics Wed3/2411:301.5 $3.75Davis
Watercolor in Nature 2 Wed3/24610:002 $30.00Craggs
America and the World: Dollars, Diplomacy, Democracy and Destiny Thu3/25410:301.5 $15.00Coffey
Leonardo da Vinci and the Italian High Renaissance 5 Thu3/2531:301.5 $11.25Howard
How Digital Technology Shapes Us II Mon3/29610:301 $15.00Putzeys
History 1215 Africa America Asia Mon3/2961:301.5 $22.50Hautanen
Explore the History and Scenery of Wales Wed3/3121:001.5 $7.50Davis
The Great American Read: Pride and Prejudice Fri4/211:301.5 $3.75Sullivan
Death, Dying, & the Afterlife 4 Tue4/6410:001.5 $15.00Bunker
Great Tours of France 3 Fri4/941:301 $10.00Kelly
Egyptian Hieroglyphs Wed4/1441:301.5 $15.00Holloran
The Prelude to World War II Thu4/1531:301.5 $11.25Holloran
String Theories - What Are They Good For? Tue4/2031:301.5 $11.25Holloran
Tech Topics Thu4/22110:001.5 $3.75Davis
Italy and the Italians Among Us Thu4/29110:301 $2.50Kelly
The Science of Information 2 - Biological Fri4/30210:301.5 $7.50Holloran
Churchill's Relationships with FDR and Stalin Tue5/4110:301.5 $3.75Hautanen
Using the Apple Pages App Wed5/5110:001.5 $3.75Davis
Romania and the Romanians Among Us Thu5/6110:301 $2.50Kelly
FREE 2021 Summer Term Kickoff Thu5/611:301.5 FREEHautanen
The Great American Read: 1984 Fri5/711:301.5 $3.75Sullivan